MG launched its new electric car in market ZS Ev.

Mg zs ev
MG launched its first electric car in Indian market.

Mg plans new car in india it’s fully electric car on January 2020.

Mg zs expected price in india is approx 20 to 24 lakhs (ex-showrooms).

The 44.5 kWh water-cooled, lithium-ion battery is key feature of zs.

NOTE :- Mg is not only the company in indian market who launched electric car , hyundai also launched kona.
Mg zs expected price in indian market
Mg Zs ev launched in indian market in janvaury 2020 with pricing of Rs 20 – 25 Lakhs.
Mg zs battery
The upcoming mg zs ev comes with 50kW CCS charger. It’s take 6.5 hours for full charging.
Details about mg zs ev electronic gear
Ride away smoothly electronic gear of mg zs ev gives you the better experience and sense of control on gears.

key specifications of mg zs ev.

Breathable glow logo of mg motors.

New and some things unique feature introducted by mg motors.

  • The mg logo in the new mg zs ev glow to indicate that your SUV is getting charged. Glowing stops once the charging is complete.

kers 3 level in Mg Zs.

Smart and powerful Zs ev comes with a kinetic energy⚡ reverse system which stores the extra power for later when you want to use it.

Electronic gear shift knob.

  • Ride always smoothly,Zs ev electronic gear shift knob gives you a complete sense Or enjoy of controlled over gear shift.

Pure Internet car in india.

Experience the connected mobility with india first pure electric car in indian automobile market.

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