Audi launched its new SUV Audi q8

The new face of Audi q series Audi q8

Expected date – 17 September 2019

Estimate price – 1 – 1.20 cr


The Audi q8 combines the elegance of a four- door luxury coupe with the versatility of an SUV. The powerful front and the sloping roof line create dynamism. The sporty interior conveys a luxurious charm and, together with the optionally – adjustable rear seat, also offers plenty of space in the rear. The lounge character of the interior make it an ideal companion for business or leisure.

The interior is signature Audi with the virtual cockpit and the infotainment screen leading the proceedings on the glazed dashboard. The cockpit gets a sea of touch panel controllers to ensure the surface are clean. Being a high – end Audi, it will get all the bells and whishtels like the panoramic sunroof, 360 degree parking assist, ventilated power seats .

A progressive design, a powerful engine, quattro permanent four – wheel drive and plenty of comfort for all passengers – the Audi SQ8 TDI is a combination of a dynamic luxury coupe, an emotive sports car and a spacious SUV.

Sporty compact properties paired with the deep roof and a flat window from the rear section. The boot lid of the Audi q8 ends in a tear off edge it connects the rear quattro blisters. A narrow, high gloss black element with an integrated light band stretches between the rear lights. It is a feature of Audi’s top model and emphasises the weight of the q8. Both by night, an independent light signature is created , as was the case with the original quattro. The striking diffuser with its four vertical guide element captures the look of the single frame. The large tailpipe aperture are integrated at its edges.


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